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Carpal Tunnel Relief

Carpal Tunnel Matthews

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief In Matthews, NC

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a distressing condition, arises when swelling compresses the median nerve within your wrist. Often, it is linked to an underlying medical issue and ranks among the most common nerve-related conditions. In the past, the treatment options were limited and invasive, including surgery and medication, which could also prove costly. The good news is that Matthews, NC chiropractors have achieved remarkable success in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome through a gentler, more conservative approach. If you're curious about whether your wrist pain might be attributed to this syndrome and wish to explore alternative treatments in Matthews, read on.

Effective Carpal Tunnel Treatment In Matthews, NC

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome typically manifests as sensations of burning, pain, tingling, or swelling in the palm of the hands, extending into the first three fingers and the thumb. Some individuals may even perceive hand swelling when there is no apparent physical swelling. Weakness in the affected hand and difficulty in handling small objects are common complaints. This condition can significantly disrupt one's daily life and, in severe cases left untreated, may lead to permanent hand mobility impairment.

Unveiling The Root Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome arises from the swelling and misalignment of tissues and bones, which exert pressure on the nerve. Often, there's an underlying trigger, such as a previous wrist injury, stress, or fracture that initiates these symptoms.

Occupations involving prolonged use of vibrating tools and repetitive hand and wrist movements are a leading cause. However, in some instances, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome seems to emerge without a clear provocation. Metabolic disorders involving the pituitary and thyroid glands, pregnancy, and obesity can also contribute to its development. More frequently, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that occurs in one or both wrists without an apparent cause results from nerve irritation originating in the spine.

Exploring Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

Historically, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment options have included decompression surgeries, physiotherapy, and prescription medications. Unfortunately, these approaches often fail to address the underlying issue and may offer only short-term relief or prove entirely ineffective. Left untreated or unsuccessfully treated, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can force individuals to adapt their lives around this debilitating condition, potentially even necessitating career changes and assistance with everyday tasks.

Fortuitously, many individuals in Matthews, NC have discovered long-term relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome through chiropractic care. Chiropractic medicine presents a non-invasive alternative that identifies and targets the root causes of the syndrome. A chiropractor will assess your condition and create a personalized treatment plan to rectify nerve interference in the spine, working towards restoring your optimal health.

If you've been noticing any signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, don't hesitate to contact our team at Brothers Clinic of Chiropractic today for a consultation. Your path to relief and improved quality of life may be closer than you think.

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Pre-Chiropractic, I experienced dizziness and seeing colors and sars day in and day out most of my life. Shortly after getting adjusted, all of that ceased to exist. I will continue to get checked and adjust and see how much better my health can get!
Isaac A.
The BEST! I can't recommend Dr. Jordan enough! He really listens to you and works with you to meet long term goals, not just a quick fix. I'm actually shocked at how much better I feel, just in the last month his adjustments have really improved muscle tension and knee pain that started 20 years ago. Dr. Jordan knows what he's doing!
Rebecca F.
Life can be difficult. i've had lower back pain, headaches, and an autoimmune disease for what feels like forever. For the longest time I had given up hope on relief. It wasn't until recently that I started getting true chiropractic care. I must say, I am doing much better! My pain levels have dramatically decreased as well as my symptoms of the autoimmune disease. I'm finally getting hope that I can live a normal life again!
Stephen D.
I have played volleyball by entire life, and am currently a D1 student athlete. I have been experiencing concussions since highschool, and they have caused alot of issues for me. My chiropractic experience started when I could not find relief anywhere else. After getting adjusted, I felt the pressure in my head go away and I was able to function better in school.
Savannah R.
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